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Little Book history

Entrepreneur, Patrick De La Hunty, invented the Little Book after identifying a gap in the market for such a unique type of promotional material.

Patrick spent a great deal of time on the train commuting to London and began folding pieces of paper. He wanted to produce a product that could be read like a book but would also snap open to reveal a poster-sized space big enough to hold any message.

After months of origami, Patrick came up with the Little Book concept, a neat product that has the potential to convey large amounts of content in an enticing way; encouraging people to keep hold of it and read it again and again – every marketer's dream.

Little Book soon gained patents for its innovative design, which features a unique way of folding with a distinctive book-like structure. It has since established itself as one of the most stylish, effective and long-lasting ways to deliver a message in the form of a pocket media product today.

A Little Book you just can't throw away

One of the most important reasons for Little Books' success aside from its compact size is arguably its resemblance to the real thing. After all, books have played an important part in all of our lives, teaching and entertaining us since the days when we first mastered the alphabet. Indeed, few of us can bear the thought of actually throwing away a book, instead much preferring to give them away so they might be enjoyed by somebody else.

Such a deeply ingrained attitude suggests a subliminal attachment to the information contained within a book. Additionally, shape has been proven to play a important role in memory retention, with the information found in three-dimensional objects such as books more easily recalled than that in more two-dimensional media (for example a regular flat sheet brochure).

Users' attraction to Little Books is backed up by scientific theory – its unique format means it is treated differently than other, more conventional forms of printed media. Rarely consigned to the recycling pile with other promotional literature, it continues to work long after its less innovative counterparts have been forgotten.

A Little Book's inherent usefulness means it is invariably kept within both sight and mind of the user, either on their desk or even constantly about their person.

AJS Labels

AJS Labels, having recognised the appeal of the Little Book, now holds the sole licence from The Little Book Company Limited to produce Little Books on a global basis.

AJS Labels is an award-winning label company, having worked in all business sectors including:

  • Food, drink and confectionary
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Toiletries
  • Media packaging

AJS Labels uses the very latest industry technology. Its exclusive combination of advanced presses and finishing equipment offers clients unparalleled flexibility and quality. This, combined with the technical knowledge and expertise of its experienced employees, means that AJS Labels is well-equipped to accommodate all client needs.

Working with prominent high street names such as Morrisons, Dulux, Hozelock, Invensys, Nestle, The Body Shop and 20th Century Fox has helped earn AJS Labels its blue chip reputation, while even smaller customers with a more niche focus can benefit from the sterling service it offers all its clients.

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