The Little Book of Emergency Procedures and Information

2012.07.18 1 300x300 The Little Book of Emergency Procedures and InformationLittle Book’s standard pocket size format has proved just perfect for the recent Farnborough Air Show.

The biennial event is renowned as one of the world’s most spectacular Air Shows. It showcases many of the historic and modern achievements of global aviation. Spanning over six days, the show is a platform for some 1,400 exhibitors from the aerospace, defence, space and security sectors to display and demonstrate aircraft, equipment and technologies. It attracts both trade visitors and the general public and this year the show marked the Queen’s Jubilee with a number of themed activities and a patriotic flying display.

This international show required a massive team on the ground to ensure that the event ran smoothly and safely. The team had a vital role in meeting and greeting VIP guests from around the world. Little Book was chosen to provide key information to this team to assist them in this important role and was entitled The Little Book of Emergency Procedures & Information.

The funky, fluorescent cover is a brilliant design. It emphasises the importance of this Little Book and draws attention to the essential content.

The front panels feature the main emergency contact details together with a detailed site map highlighting emergency centres and assembly points.

The 21 reverse panels focus on essential emergency information:

  • Site Facts
  • Fire safety procedures
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Dealing with hostile situations
  • Assembly points
  • Assisting lost and vulnerable persons

The Air Show team were asked to read the Little Book carefully. ‘Absorb the information it contains and keep it about your person at all times’.

This pocket-sized Little Book format is perfect for storing essential emergency information that can be carried conveniently and referred to at any time.