Charity Little Book for FEAST India

2012.04.05 300x300 Charity Little Book for FEAST India

We have just completed a pocket-sized Little Book for FEAST, the fantastic charity supported by ourselves and our parent company AJS Labels. FEAST (For Education And Social Transformation) is a grassroots charity that helps transform the lives of some of India’s neediest people through education.

Founded in 1998 by Fr Jeremias, FEAST supports the poor children of the fishing families in Tamil Nadu, a neglected and bypassed area of southern India. This support has been extended to serve the poor, irrespective of caste or religion and now includes Hindus, Christians and Moslems. FEAST is a great power for good in the very difficult lives of these people who receive no social security, sponsored health care and only limited opportunities for basic education.

‘I’ve visited the charity five times now and I’m more impressed with the work it does each time I go,’ said Jayne Scrimgeour, co-owner of AJS Labels. ‘We wanted to produce something to tell people about the fantastic work that FEAST does, and what better way than with a Little Book. Little Book is so unique and compact, I know that people will want to read it then keep it to read again or show to friends. It’s a brilliant way of making sure that the FEAST story gets across.’

Because 100% of money raised goes to the poor with none being spent on administrative costs, it was important to enlist the generous voluntary help of a number of companies. Thanks must go to; Skylark Communications for writing the content. Brand New Day Consultancy Ltd for marketing advice. David Wooster (AJS Labels) for design work and L&S Printers for donating the print. The FEAST Little Book was then produced here at AJS Labels at no cost to the charity.

‘I’m absolutely delighted with the result,’ said Jayne. ‘I’m looking forward to showing Fr Jeremias the finished result when he visits next week. This pocket-sized Little Book will really help us to find sponsors and raise money for FEAST. I’m very grateful to all those who have helped to make it happen.’