Harmony creative agency wins the Little Book bubbles Blog!

2012.02.15 300x300 Harmony creative agency wins the Little Book bubbles Blog!We are delighted to announce that Kate Davies, Project Manager for Harmony creative web agency, has won the Little Book bubbles blog!

Little Book worked with Harmony to produce their ‘Pocket book of Creativity, a guide to making sure today is different’.  This Little Book is packed with fantastic challenges and ideas to inspire out of the box thinking. It features famous designers such as Arthur Fry, who invented Post-its and Percy Shaw, the designer of cat’s eyes. It really is a great Little Book full of amazing facts and figures.

‘We carry these with us when we go to places; it’s something a little more special than our business cards, and a little more memorable. We would much rather share our creativity and inspiration than just fill pockets and minds with yet more dull business cards and leaflets. We also make it available for free on our website should anyone want to engage with us even on a passing whim’ said Project Manager, Kate Davies.

Kate posted her comment on the Little Book blog in response to the question ‘Should they stay or should they go?’ Her post was picked out as the winner & she received a bunch of red balloons from Little Book, together with chocolates and a bottle of champagne delivered to her door on Valentine’s Day.



Thank you ever so much for the three red balloons, champagne, certificate and Celebrations chocolates. I never thought I’d be picked to win the prize just for commenting about the bubbles in your branding, so this was a very pleasant surprise!’

Kate, along with the majority of bloggers, voted to burst the red bubbles and give Little Book a fresh, new look.


Thanks to everyone for your comments & watch this space!